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Samsung to resume selling the Galaxy Note7 on September 28 in South Korea

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Sep 19, 2016 )    |    News


Samsung is already in full force in recalling all remaining Galaxy Note7 in the market with the help of different consumer welfare agencies around the world, in no time all affectedGalaxy Note7 units would no longer be found either in users hands or in the market. The Korean tech giant also has a dedicated website that would assist current Galaxy Note7 users check their units if it needs to be recalled.

Samsung will replace all defective units around the world irregardless of the condition of the device. Here in the Philippines, there were concerns regarding the Galaxy Note7 but fortunately for us, we haven’t had any complaints about exploding units but Samsung is enforcing strict recall procedure for the defective product.

Right now, there’s nowhere possible to purchase a Galaxy Note7 device but Samsung already has deploy new units around the world and should be ready byOctober. In its home country in South Korea however, the tech firm already confirmed that it will resume selling the Galaxy Note7 but September 28 a few days earlier that the rest of us.

We hope that this time it will resolved the current issues that Samsung is facing so as to assure the consumer’s safety.