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Samsung to launch the Galaxy Note 9 today

cjmagowan  —  6 months ago ( Aug 09, 2018 )    |    Entertainment, Guides, Mobile, News

Samsung to unveil the Galaxy Note 9 in less than a couple of hours today. The Samsung Galaxy UNPacked 2 2018 will take place in New York, USA and Samsung will be streaming live the event. If you want to watch the livestream from the comforts of your home or where you may be at the moment can check on the video below as we hook to Samsung’s Youtube channel.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be the company’s second flagship of the year will features that’s expected to go beyond what the Galaxy S9 has in store for us. Rumors suggests that the Galaxy Note 9 will includes new features and improvements over its predecessor but as what we’ve heard recently and in the past, the next version of the Note will look a lot like the current Galaxy Note 8. To find out more about it. Check the video below: