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Samsung officially announced the new Galaxy Note 4 S-LTE for South Korea

Available in the middle of January 2015 in all South Korean mobile carriers
cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Dec 29, 2014 )    |    Mobile


Samsung finally announced the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 S-LTE, an LTE-A equipped variant of the company’s Note flagship device capable of theoretical download speeds up to 450Mbps. The new Note 4 variant has a model number SM-916 and will be launching in South Korean by the mid of January.

rumored earlier, the Galaxy 4 is supposed to ship with an updated chipset on-board but the spec sheets doesn’t mentioned anything new regarding its processor. Samsung is relatively marketing the new Note 4 S-LTE for its faster LTE-A speed capabilities which is one of the latest network technology available in the world today.

The Galaxy Note 4 however is one of the first handsets to feature an LTE Advanced Tri-Band Carrier Aggregation technology. It selects the optimum bandwidth available by utilizing all three LTE frequency bands simultaneously and aggregates them into a single connection for optimum network connection. It comes with LTE Cat.6 which enables the handset of up to 300Mbps of download speeds. Note only that, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 S-LTE is also an LTE Cat.9 ready handset which is capable of maximum download speeds of up to 450Mbps.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 S-LTE will be available in all major network carriers in South Korea and will be available in the country in the middle of January next year. Though Samsung hasn’t made any official announcement for the new handset to be available abroad, but it seems that other regions will soon be able to have the handset available that is if we refer to the company’s official blog which is listed in the source below.