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Samsung Mixed Reality Headset leaked ahead of launch

cjmagowan  —  1 year ago ( Sep 27, 2017 )    |    News

With Microsoft going full swing with Mixed Reality experience where Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will go hand-in-hand for a unique virtual experience, The Redmond giant is partnering with different manufacturers to bring the platform to consumers. Microsoft will have a special event for that concept this coming October 3 where the company will show off where the company is headed next after Windows.

But the event is a week away and yet, a leaked images of a Samsung branded MR handset was shown off. These images didn’t come with its hardware specification but you’ll a two cameras on the front.

You’ll also find an AKG-branded headphones with a 6 degree-of-freedom tracking. You’ll also notice the “Windows Mixed Reality” logo and writing which signifies that indeed this one right here is a Microsoft partner.

Microsoft has been working for the concept for years and demonstrated its capabilities with HoloLens, partnering with different hardware manufacturers such as Samsung could only mean a mass acceptance of the technology in the market with Windows at its base that’s most likely are already in most homes. A simple software update will enable such feature paired with compatible hardware and of course with the right set of kit.

We’ll get more about Microsoft’s next innovation and more about Samsung’s upcoming MR headset by next week…