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Samsung launches the new Galaxy Note 4 Duos in China

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Oct 23, 2014 )    |    Mobile


Following a silent release of the company’s flagship Galaxy S5 Plus handset, the Korean tech giant Samsung has also quietly released the Galaxy Note 4 Duos in China. The new devices, three to be exact is a dual-SIM variants of Galaxy Note 4 and has full support for China’s LTE bands, One of the three devices will go to China Telecom, China Unicom and the third is a SIM-free variant. Samsung uses micro-SIM cards on all slots with one supporting China and international LTE compliant with FDD and TDD, while the second SIM will take 2G SIM cards only.

Both the China Telecom and the SIM-free variants supports 2G and 3G CDMA connectivity on the first SIM, While the SIM-free variant specifically support both China’s LTE FDD and TDD network bands which should seamlessly take SIM’s from either carriers and even roaming to other regions.

We still haven’t confirmed the pricing for carrier-locked variants but the SIM-free version will cost CNY 5,400 ($880) and that’s CNY 200 more when compared to the single-SIM version which has a price of CNY 5,200.