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Samsung latest UNPacked 2015 teaser, shows the Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 edge+ and a third mysterious device

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Aug 06, 2015 )    |    News


With Samsung already scheduled a date for the second UNPacked event which would take place in New York next week, the company is now releasing its first teaser for the upcoming event complete with a countdown timer that respectively goes to zero on the event day. Users are also invited register to get the UNPacked event experience locally, users who can successfully register into the site will be one of the lucky few to fully experience the event depending on the local time.

As what we already understand in the previous details, Samsung will focus on unveiling the most heralded Phablet to date with the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 together with the updated and enlarged Galaxy S6 edge+. Both devices is expected dominate the show floor but as the teaser image shows, there’s a silhouette of seemingly third-device in the group. Front what we know so far and comparing them with the previous leaks of the said handsets, the one from the top is what we believe the Galaxy S6 edge+, underneath the Galaxy S6 edge+ is the Galaxy Note 5 facing down showing the curved-back and that recently confirmed spring-loaded S Pen that is ejected half-way.

Now those two devices have already been identified but mystery surrounds on what they’re sitting underneath, it looks more like a larger device, a new tablet perhaps. Just recently however, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Tab S2 which is our primary suspect but could be the next Galaxy Note 8.0 successor. The possibility is rather a long thread and that’s what makes the event more exciting to look forward into.

Here’s another part of what is to be expected on the next UNPacked 2015 event.