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Samsung is now rumored to launch its first foldable smartphones in 2017

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Apr 03, 2016 )    |    Technology


Foldable devices or a folding phone is a thing that concepts and science fiction can easily come out with but real world technology seems to have a far way to go until recently. Concept arts of a smartphone especially from Samsung and even fans of the Apple iPhone have created some videos of the concept for a possible implementation in the future. Samsung in particular seems to have stepped up its research and development for such device thanks to its own development and advancement in foldable displays.

The Korean tech giant will be pushing its plans forward to making the next generation of smartphone devices. The concept is to develop a 7-inch tablet that could be folded in half which downsizes the device into just 5-inches which can then be use as a phone rather than a tablet and can just be inserted into the pocket or vice versa. The mechanism that they have been working on would be similar to their design that involves hinges which was filed for patent last year.

Rumors have been circulated since as early as 2014 that such foldable device would become available this year, however Samsung seems not yet ready to produce such device this year but sources close to the company suggests that the company’s progress on foldable OLED display is going according to plan and that might hint that Samsung may start mass producing foldable displays towards the end of the year which will then open doors for a possible actual foldable smartphone/tablet device in 2017.

Further more if such device will indeed come out next year, which according to sources has been in prototype stage that goes by the codename “Project Valley” will be powered by a Snapdragon 620 or even a Snapdragon 820 chipset or perhaps even a newer chipset in the market if they become available along with 3 GB of RAM. Though these are all hearsay so we’ll take this lightly and hope on the fact the development in technology will eventually bring the next step in smartphone devices.