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Samsung Galaxy S9 Duos and the Galaxy S9 line to launch on March 16 globally

cjmagowan  —  11 months ago ( Feb 22, 2018 )    |    News

We’ll be able to see the official and production units of Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+ this Sunday (early Monday morning in the Philippines). Like we have reported earlier, the new Samsung flagship series handset are set to start with 64GB of storage but that’s just the baseline.

Apart from these details, the Korean Lost & Found center for phones has listed new handsets as the Galaxy S9 Duos. The Galaxy S9 is still peg at 64GB in storage while the larger Galaxy S9+ were listed with 256GB, though we haven’t seen a 128GB variant around but we believe that they will eventually sport that storage as well, not only with the Galaxy S9+ but most probably with the Galaxy S9 variants too.

And lastly, Samsung is reportedly to start taking pre-orders of the new flagship handsets from major Korean carriers soon after the UNPacked event. Less than a month later or specifically on the 16th of March, Samsung will Globally launch the new handsets with those who pre-ordered to get their units a week prior the global launch commences (at least in Korea).

Pricing is still a bit of a confusion as Samsung haven’t set the official prices of the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+, though rumors suggests that it will be around 910 Euros in Europe while will have a closely similar price tag as the Galaxy Note 8 from last year. However, this details are not official and that pricing for these devices are expected to be disclosed at the Samsung UNPacked 2018 event this Sunday.