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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 R spotted in China, Price starts at 3,599 Yuan ($521)

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( May 12, 2017 )    |    Mobile, News

There is no stopping Samsung now as they prepare to make a relaunch for their greatest Galaxy Note device to date as a refurbished Galaxy Note 7 R. We can’t help but remember all the terrible things that happened to the Galaxy Note 7 and how inconvenient it was for users after several recalls that eventually ended up discontinued altogether leaving users to opt for alternatives.

While Galaxy Note 7 owner went on with their lives, Samsung still insist that there is life after death for the most celebrated handset of 2016. Indeed there is, the company, after a thorough investigation, came up to a conclusion that the battery on the Galaxy Note 7 was the main cause of the problem, that’s why the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 R will feature a battery packs that’s designed not to burn itself up.

The Galaxy Note 7 R is said to retail in selected key markets with its hometown in South Korea to be the first to have the handset released. In addition to that, a merchant store in China also claims to have the Galaxy Note 7 R ready as launch is expected soon.

To make a distinction between recalled Galaxy Note 7’s from the refurbished units (though they just meant the same thing), a noticeable “R” symbol can be seen at the back. This is to prevent unreturned Galaxy Note 7 devices from being sold as the official refurbished units from Samsung.

From our source merchant, they have units with two different battery types installed, one comes with a smaller 3200 mAh battery which was rumored dozens of time already and a regular 3500 mAh that is said to contain a modified small-volume battery. The rest of the specs will stay as it is when the Galaxy Note 7 was released in 2016.

Another thing to note is that the Galaxy Note 7 R is said to be priced at as much as 50 percent cheaper than Samsung originally implemented from last year so it’s something that one could consider as it could still compete from the rest of the flagships that are even released this year. The Galaxy Note 7 R with 3200 mAh battery is priced at 3,599 Yuan ($521) while the 3500 mAh variant cost 3,999 Yuan ($580).