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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 could come with waterproof IP68 certification and an iris scanner

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Apr 09, 2016 )    |    News


There are two flagship devices from Samsung each year and that’s the Galaxy S series and the Note, the Galaxy S7 was released earlier this year leaving us to anticipate to the next Note devices to hit the stream. Like the Galaxy S7, this year’s Galaxy Note 6 is said to come out with IP68 waterproof certification and it that’s the case then it will be the first in the Galaxy Note line.

Samsung had implemented several waterproof design in the past with Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Active with a rugged outer shell, the Galaxy S5 is one of first Samsung flagship device tobuild a waterproof design without having to resort into a rugged shell. Though many anticipated to see the same design feature on the Galaxy S6, many were dismayed when Samsung announced that the Galaxy S6 were not designed as a waterproof device mainly because of the design changes that Samsung made with the phone. The Galaxy S7 however didn’t have such major changes in its smartphone design were in fact it carry over the exact design from the Galaxy S6 however this time Samsung found a solution to implement the much wanted waterproof feature.

According to a number of reports, the Galaxy Note 6 this year which is expected to come out in the third quarter of this year is also said to feature IP68 certification and it will be the first Galaxy Note device (if indeed this information is true) to have feature a waterproof design. We’re also forecasting hear a similar situation with the Galaxy S7 where the Galaxy Note 6 design would also be the same as the Galaxy Note 5 but now it’ll be waterproof.

Apart from the IP68 certification, reports also suggest that the second Samsung flagship device could finally feature an iris scanner, many smartphone devices including from that of Samsung have a biometric sensor through a fingerprint scanner but only a few devices in the market has a built-in iris scanner. The Galaxy Note 6 could raise the number of devices with iris scanner if they get implemented when the handset comes out later this year.


This new information is backed by an import database report where Samsung is listed to have ordered at least 200 “iris cam” for testing purposes. If the trend follow through, every new major features are first implemented on Samsung’s flagship device and it seems that the Galaxy Note 6 would be the primary candidate for such feature. Would the new features make you excited despite the possibilities of no major changes in terms of the device design? let us hear your thoughts on the comments below.