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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 may not get Android 5.0 Lollipop despite early claims, or is it?

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( May 05, 2015 )    |    News


Just before we entered 2015, we’ve already heard a number of claims pointing to a possible Lollipop update to the almost four-year old Galaxy Note 2, but it seems that all hopes could fade as new report leaked out from Samsung Gulf division say otherwise. As Posted above, It looks like the Gulf region haven’t heard about the possible of the aging handset, despite claims from other regions were the first reports broke out last year.

After Samsung Gulf’s response, Samsung Spain on the other hand had conflicting reply to the matter which is now confusing Galaxy Note 2 users around the world for any possible update of the handset. With all news going out from time to time, and understanding how Android devices are updated, devices as old as the Galaxy Note 2 is in reality beyond the support period and it’s rather a surprise for something to come out especially a significant upgrade for its OS.

The Galaxy Note 2 is a flagship device of Samsung in late 2012 and it has been one of the highly successful device that Samsung brought out in the smartphone market. Despite its long-standing position in the mobile space, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is still a highly competitive devices with underlying technologies still in tune for today’s mobile environment and despite the nearly four-year old in the market, the handset’s specs is still compatible with Android 5.0 at least in Specs point of view.

Users who might want to update their Galaxy Note 2 devices to Android 5.0 may upgrade to a vanilla version of the OS with different custom ROMs available in the market. But this would involve rooting the handset and is not for everyone with a faint heart.

Thanks to Aamer Siddiqui for this update