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Samsung could eventually buy into notch displays, Patent filing revealed

cjmagowan  —  9 months ago ( Apr 19, 2018 )    |    News

The display notch received mixed views and opinions from users all over the world. Pioneered by Apple on the latest iPhone X, the display notch on the Cupertino designed device plays a lot of purpose in terms of design and functionality.

Not long after, Android players mostly from China have adopted the new design which we feared that it could spread on every manufacturer there is in the market. I myself is not a display notch fan but there seems to be no way of stopping it from happening.

Bigger players have caught in the trend recently with the likes of ASUS, OPPO, VIVO, the upcoming OnePlus 6 and now even Huawei have adopted the design. With Google have formally announced future Android versions will add support for such displays, Sooner, things whether we like it or now will settle for what’s in and that future Android devices in the market will most likely to have this feature.

Samsung with their recent patent filing tells the future isn’t too far off and that a device from the said manufacturer will soon be introduced together with their own implementation of the display notch on their devices.

From the said filing, the handset may follow how Apple puts an all display front on the iPhone X. There’s also the absence of details about a home button and fingerprint reader which we assumed that Samsung could implement the said biometric sensor under the display. But what’s really different from Samsung’s latest iteration of designs is the omission of the infinity display. There are two possible things that’s going on here, one is that this designed dates back before the notch frenzy went viral and the other more likely to bring forth is that this is specific for a Samsung device not in the Galaxy S series.

The Galaxy S series from Samsung is the company’s flagship device and is the one that pioneered the infinity display, the Galaxy A series on the other hand is Samsung’s mid-class handset, a seemingly derivative of the Galaxy S series with less of the fancy specs but could possibly the first to touch the notched display market. Another thing to note though is the Galaxy Note series where all of Samsung Mobiles latest technologies are built into it.

How do you coupe with the notch infused smartphone of today? do you buy the hype or would you settle for the less gimmicky yet proven usefulness of a full screen display? let us know your thoughts…