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“S Mode” now and option in Windows 10

cjmagowan  —  11 months ago ( Mar 10, 2018 )    |    Computing, News

Microsoft introduced Windows 10 S last year as the company’s most secure OS to date. While there are advantages really in terms of security with the OS, Windows 10 S imposed many restrictions that not only crippled the OS but most importantly the most useful function of Windows that most users are expecting isn’t available for them to use.

After a lot of feedback, Microsoft Corporate Vice President for Windows Joe Belfiore admits that the naming has confused both customers and partners, Microsoft decided to have Windows 10 S as an option for all Windows version instead as a standalone version itself. With the new strategy, every Windows 10 installation will have a built-in S Mode in the next Windows 10 update where users can turn the feature on or off at users desires.

With Windows 10 S, users will have a better security since Windows 10 S mode won’t be allowing users to install applications other that from the official windows App Store. It will also allow enterprises to specifically install their apps to a selected Windows 10 S devices without risking users from external exploits. however the downside here is that, Windows users are all used to supporting legacy apps which the Windows 10 S have let go off.

Current Windows 10 S users can now unlock their devices and enjoy a full-blown Windows 10 experience for free.

SOURCEWindows Blog