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Rumors: Asus to launch the Zenfone 4 this coming May

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Jan 22, 2017 )    |    News

Though Asus continues to grow as it its Zenfone line of devices surges in all market levels, the Taiwan-based company still loses its market share for the first three quarters of the year by a margin. Despite the shortcomings, the company didn’t bother to launched its third-generation Zenfone series. With Zenfone 3, the company seemed to gain what it has lost so far with an improved hardware and its underlying software feature.

As we open the year lots of promising devices to be expected from CES 2017, Asus also introduced the new Zenfone 3 Zoom and its Tango and DayDream oriented Zenfone AR. Both devices are yet to launch in the market yet early reviews fueled much excitement for Asus fans and mobile imaging enthusiasts with its promising bundle of imaging and unique experiences from both devices.

While the mobile market awaited for the arrival of these two Asus Zenfone devices, an unnamed handset supply chain spread the rumors lately while then gained a steam which tells that the Taiwanese company will unveil the new Zenfone 4 devices by May this year. Though further information regarding the rumor isn’t available for the moment besides the said claims from the supply chain, the Zenfone 4 will obviously bring a lot of hardware and software improvements from the current Zenfone 3 series and with that in mind, it might just as well bring a higher price point for that.

While it seems that rumors such as this seems to be a bit early, a Zenfone 4 for May may just be timely as it falls into a yearly cycle for the company to update their Zenfone line of devices. If the rumors falls true, then it might be what Asus will have to unveil next month at MWC 2017 to give customers an early look on what’s coming next to Asus highly popular series of devices.