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Rumored Nokia “Normandy” device to be a Low-end Android phone

cjmagowan  —  5 years ago ( Dec 12, 2013 )    |    Mobile


The picture above is the rumored Nokia “Normandy” which is said to be an Android powered device. Nokia is known to be working on a prototype device running an Android ROM right before microsoft announced its acquisition of Nokia’s Device and Services units.

Leaked by @evleaks backed in November, the image above shows a Lumia-esque handset with the familiar volume rocker and a possible power button on its side, while a noticeably missing camera button and missing windows phone capacitive buttons on the front.

As the Nokia “Normandy” device runs on a special variant of Android which is no doubt a fully customized ROM by Nokia giving them fully control of the user environment much like the one we see on Amazon Kindle and similarly customized devices. Along with it is a full compatibility of Android apps to work and play with.

Staged to compete in Lower-end models in the market, the Nokia “Normandy” is positioned in line with Nokia’s existing ASHA line of devices to cater users with a more capable app supporting OS than its Series 40 proprietary offerings. Internally, Nokia employees were informed a planned 2014 release unless hindered by Microsoft.


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