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Rumor: Samsung developing a 12-inch Windows 10 tablet

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Aug 21, 2015 )    |    News


The Samsung Ativ Tab has been seen as a failure for Samsung to bring Windows into the tablet segment. Contributing to its demise was Windows RT that didn’t go quite well as expected with consumers, though Samsung demonstrated its full potential as a major contender on Android dominated space, still the underlying OS didn’t catch the attention of the market. And in 2013, Samsung announced that they are pulling off any release of the Ativ tablet in the US while the slate was released in limited numbers in other parts of the world.

But as Windows 10 catches what Windows 8 failed to execute, rumors surface that Samsung is quietly working on a tablet with Windows 10 in it. It won’t be like the Ativ tablet this time as Microsoft also discontinued Windows RT in favor of the fully capable Windows 10 operating system. The rumor came from China and it said that the South Korean tech giant will out a new Windows 10 tablet most probably towards the end of the year and will sport a 12-inch superAMOLED touchscreen display and will have either a 2560×1600 resolution display or perhaps a 3840×2400 one.

Given the new information just recently came in, it is hard to confirm such data has its basis but with the benefit of a doubt, the rumored Samsung tablet will be powered by a 14nm Intel Core M processor with 4 GB of RAM and the ever useful S Pen. The handset is also expected to have a slim profile with just 6.2 mm thick and only weighs around 600 grams.

With Samsung’s success in Android tablets and how Microsoft brought Windows 10 into the market with a positive user ratings and reviews, would you give Samsung another chance to bring out another Windows tablet ? or is the market already got what it needs with Android? let us know on the comments below.