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Robots may replace 50% of the Japanese work force by 2035 research suggests

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Dec 06, 2015 )    |    Technology

Japan Android Robot

Japan has been the center for technological advancement when it comes to robotics technology and what was seen only in the movies back then when robots plays a major role in the society are starting to become a reality. Nomura Research Institute (NRI) a data analysis firm in Japan predicts a robot driven Japan by 2035. Led by researcher Wakao Yumi, they’ve come into conclusion that by the next 20 years or so, almost half of Japan’s workforce will be replaced by computer systems or robots.

The research team teamed up with Dr. Michael Osborne from Oxford University that worked previously on the same matter in the US and the UK. Data analysis from across 600 jobs in the country showed 49 per cent of those could be replaced by artificial Intelligence (AI) or robots from different posts and positions. Most of these positions which really dont matter on what sector in the market are mostly with Clerks, help desks (as pictured above), transportations and manufacturing line which are even at this moment are almost being run by automation. However, while most jobs can be set to automate, Arts, culture, medical and literature may not be as viable as other laborious job in the market to be ventured by Artificial Intelligence as of yet.

Data gathered from the research study is still hypothetical and is based on technical and mathematical calculations but social factors plays a big impact in community development. Wakao and her team found that Japanese citizens have already embraced the coming of the robotic age even at its early stages. Japanese may one day focus more on social interaction and leave the more intensive jobs to mechanized counterparts and have a more creative and invigorating carriers.

Image CreditThe Japan Times