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Ritot: Future smartwatch that projects time in your hand, gets crowdfunded

cjmagowan  —  5 years ago ( Jul 15, 2014 )    |    Gadgets


Smartwatches are becoming popular these days and with the latest Android Wear platform from Google, the gadget seems to finally reach the masses. But what if instead of a built-in screen to view the time and notifications on your smartwatches, they are projected unto the back of the users hand or wrist? that seems good to me and I think you do the same. That’s what a group of four individuals at San Jose is up to the challenge to bring out what seem to be only in the movies but with the technology that we have today, the possibility of such device can now be realized in the flesh.


Meet the Ritot, a simple yet innovative smartwatch which works just by shaking your wrist to reveal the time and other notifications including your missed calls and messages from your connected smartphone. The watch also comes with a wireless battery panel that double as an interface which enable users change the color of the watch’s projection.

The project was crowd funded via the Indigogo Campaign which was launch in July 7 with a $50,000 target but has now gone up to $114,200. According to our sources, the mass availability of the device is still unconfirmed but its backers are ready to let it go for $120. If all goes well, we might have the first batch of units as early as the start of 2015.