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Razer is reportedly making their own phone designed for gamers

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Jul 22, 2017 )    |    News

When gaming goes beyond the desk, US gaming-centric company RAZER is set to move into the mobile market. Currently, RAZER provides accessories that are design specifically for gamer such as  from keyboards, mouse, mouse mats, powerbanks, projectors and even desktops and laptops with high-end specs suitable for gaming.

After its acquisition of Nexbit and its “Cloud Phone”, the company is said to venture into the mobile market with a smartphone designed for gamers. According to Bloomberg, Razer aims to make an initial public offering in Hong Kong this coming October with a value between $3 to $5 Billion. This could then be used by Razer to develop and build its own phone.

When they acquired Nextbit earlier this year, it was foreseen as Razer’s ticket to the smartphone market and it seems that the acquisition is about to be paid off. Though we aren’t really sure for now if they would continue with the acquired Cloud Phone or develop a new device from what they’ve acquired from Nextbit.

What’s great with the news is that we might be able to finally get a proper hardware for Gaming with the vast amount of mobile games that are now available in the market. Another possible thing could happen with a Razer phone is that, gamers can leave away from their desk and laptops and monitor their stats straight from their smartphone and may even interact with other gamers as well. Another thing to remember is that the company also owns OUYA and having a smartphone that could communicate with such console could potentially widens the interactivity of gaming beyond the confines of our desks and couches.