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Qualcomm introduces the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 Mobile platform

Premium performance at a mid-range price
cjmagowan  —  11 months ago ( Mar 04, 2018 )    |    Computing, News, Technology

With Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 now out for public consumption, the Mobile chip maker will also be bringing out a new chipset with close to the level of its top-tier end variant into the mid-range segment. Between the current Snapdragon 660 and Snapdragon 845 platforms, Qualcomm introduced the new Snapdragon 700 series with a number of best features of the SD800 series to affordable devices.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 series will feature advances in mobile technologies similar with the Snapdragon 845 including Kyro CPU cores, Adreno Visual Processing Subsystem, Spectra ISP camera image processing and Qualcomm’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine. With these new features, we could expect mid-tier devices to become more powerful and even more capable of bringing premium experiences at a price-point that we could easily adapt into.

“The Snapdragon 700 Mobile Platform Series will bring premium tier technologies and features into more affordable devices, something our global OEM customers and consumers are demanding,” said Alex Katouzian, senior vice president and general manager, mobile, Qualcomm Technologies. “The Snapdragon 700 Series is optimized to support the experiences consumers have come to expect from the most advanced mobile devices at a lower price point.”

With the new Snapdragon 700 Series, we could also expect twice the performance with its AI engine, there’s a 30 percent increase in power efficiency and with its support for Quick Charge 4+, devices with this chipset will be able to charge devices up to 50% in just 15 minutes.

Qualcomm revealed that the first Snapdragon 700 series equipped devices will be expected to become available in the market by H1 2018.