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Preinstalled apps from the GALAXY S6 and GALAXY S6 edge can now be removed

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Mar 23, 2015 )    |    News


Remember Samsung’s project “Zero” that pointed to the upcoming Galaxy S6 before the company unveiled the device? If you are you might have been aware already that Samsung is committed to bring out a handset that won’t be having that much of bloatwares that we often used to have with our Samsung smartphone devices. Samsung’s Project Zero at this point seems to imply Samsung promise of a faster and lightweight TouchWiz UI for the GALAXY S6 and the GALAXY S6 edge. During the early days of Samsung Galaxy devices, many of Samsung apps were included in the system by default until lately that Samsung finally decided to keep the system clean by keeping the apps included to a minimum while those not often used by users can be downloaded either from the Play Store or from Samsung’s own Galaxy Apps Marketplace.

With the new GALAXY S6 and s6 edge flagship however, Samsung’s practice to included only the major default apps are still there but this time, the company has also provided more options by letting the user decides on what app that needs to be kept and what app doesn’t by allowing users to delete these apps from the system. The apps mentioned here does not only applies to Samsung’s own default apps preinstalled in the system but also the apps from Google services and even the number of Microsoft apps which is by the way now included with the flagship devices as a result of a deal with Microsoft.

One of the screenshots however seems to get a little confusing at this point as the app icons with a little bubble on top of them implies that these apps can be uninstalled or removed but as you can see from the third screenshot below, even the Google Play Store app do also have the (-) bubble present which somewhat means that the app can somehow also be deleted from the system. This would need a bit of explanation to clarify some things and that’s what we’re going to find out in the coming days.

Though apps preinstalled by Samsung can be remove, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be reinstalled. Users who desires to reinstall any deleted apps that came with the handset can always turn to Google Play Store to install them or perhaps users can visit the Galaxy Apps marketplace which has all of Samsung apps compatible with the device.