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Popular fitness tracker and bluetooth speaker producer Jawbone is closing down

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Jul 09, 2017 )    |    Gadgets, News

Despite huge investments, wearable and wireless bluetooth speakers manufacturer Jawbone is closing down. The company according to our various sources under liquidation proceedings and is on its way of shutting down.

If you’d remember, the company has been popular with various bluetooth speakers and a wealthy lineup of different wearable and fitness trackers. Even today, these gadgets can be purchased from our favorites stores across the country with often a hefty price tag but that comes with a premium build quality and a reliable performance. The company was initially founded in 1999 producing high-end military-grade audio technology. The company’s emerging success went full swing when they released their bluetooth headsets and speakers.

But things went downhill when the company turned to fitness trackers with their UP lineup in 2011, those devices received poor reception from customers plus a number of lawsuits from its rival Fitbit. from that on, the company struggled to recover, with executives began to leave, product failures and a number of unpaid contractors started to surface. Support for their existing products was even closed down from their social media channels earlier this year which disappointed many of its customers.

Though the company refused to comment about anything that is happening inside the company but close sources revealed that Jawbone will be shifting its focus from here on entirely on Clinical health related products through a newly formed company Jawbone Health Hub. Their products won’t be sold directly to customers but through partners where they plan to sell their technology.

The shift is also seemed confirmed from the fact that Jawbone co-founder and chief executive Hosain Rahman already moved to the newly formed company together with their existing employees. It was also said that when Jawbone will finally close down, Rahman’s team will begin their support for existing Jawbone devices until only God known when.

If you’re sporting one of their gadgets and speakers, you might want to keep that for novelty’s sake, or drain it off with all that’s left of its life and get something that comes with a promising support. Like many companies that died, many of them shares the same picture. a false move along the way is a disaster for what’s left ahead.