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Pixel Experience on Android Go with Go optimizations for low-spec devices

cjmagowan  —  8 months ago ( Apr 09, 2018 )    |    News, Technology

Android Go devices recently launched in the market with spec’s that’s not really as powerful as you’d expect on regular devices and that’s what the Android Go initiative from Google plays an important role. Many of us are used to the current powerful devices that uses the full potential of Android but there are those devices especially in third-world countries that’s better off with cheaper and basic Android devices, most are constricted with their budget but there are those also who just want a less complicated, simple and something that just works to meet up their needs.

As more and more devices with specs similar to Android Go devices, it has come to the attention XDA developers that these devices also needs special attention in order to leverage the best optimal experience that users will get from their devices. One that makes a great experience on any device is its launcher and the Pixel Launcher makes a lot of sense with its beautiful and simplistic approach with apps as its centerpiece.

The Google Pixel launcher is nowhere to be found on Google Play but XDA developers AmirZ and paphonb both working respectively on “Rootless Pixel Launcher” and “Rootless Pixel 2 Launcher” are repacking these launchers as APK’s which users can then use to sideload them on their device.

Both works on supported version of Android on Android devices Specifically, the Rootless Pixel Launcher is optimized of smartphone devices and recently on larger tablets with various Android for work features. In addition to that, the launcher has been optimized to run Android Go with limited resources and uses about a third for the device’s RAM to run compared to regular version of the launcher.

The optimized Android Go version features a 4 x 4 app grid, a working Google Feed panel, At a Glance widget and support for  icon packs and home screen rotation. What you won’t get though is Widget support and notification dots but If you want to get as close to the Pixel experience, download the “Go-optimized” APK from our source below. Like the Launcher, the APK involved to make that experience possible also need to be sideloaded.