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Oppo to enable app drawer on ColorOS 6.0

cjmagowan  —  1 week ago ( Feb 11, 2019 )    |    News

Mobile phone manufacturers like Oppo heavily skin Android to the point of making it less Android and looking like something else entirely but at its core it is still Android.

But things will change for the better with Oppo at least on its primary UI itself as it set to roll out Android 9.0-based ColorOS 6.0 that comes with an app drawer support. The feature while it’s a default on stock android is completely absent in the current iteration from Oppo’s proprietary UI.

While the feature will be included on the next version of the OS, it will not be on by default so new devices or devices that will be updated into the new OS still boots on traditional multi-level app/home screen list.

Users may enable the feature through the Settings menu and switch the feature on from there for a breath of new air and give a new way to navigate through apps. This will eliminate the need to install third-party launchers that has an app drawer on it.

ColorOS 6.0 will be available on Oppo devices as will as their Realme subsidiary where this information first came out on their official forum site.