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Online Reseller prematurely leaked Xiaomi Mi 5 on its website with specs

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Jan 14, 2016 )    |    News


Xiaomi is yet to unveil the highly anticipated Mi 5 flagship device after the Chinese New Year but surprisingly GearBest one of the top online resellers in China has already enlist the upcoming handset on its page together with its specs.

Xiaomi is said to be aiming for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 as its top competitor for the Mi 5.  As you can see from the image above, GearBest is using the rendered image of the handset from earlier leaks that went online recently and the specs that it claims seems to stay faithful with earlier rumors. That being said, the handset will feature a 5.2-inch QHD display with 556 ppi pixel density. The listing also suggest that the handset will feature a full metal casing and all the physical buttons are all present as detailed on previous leaks.

Ticking inside the Mi 5 is a  Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Chipset and is supported by 4 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage. GearBest also suggest that the handset do not support memory expansion through memory cards. For that matter, a 16 GB will not be enough to fully maximize the handset and if memory expansion is indeed not an option, Xiaomi should somehow offer the handset with large storage space like 32 GB, 64 GB or even 128 GB.

The smartphone will have a 16 Megapixel main camera with dual-tone LED flash right on the back and an 8 Megapixel shooter will dominate the front for a crisp portrait photos or high-resolution video calls. Connectivity-wise, the Xiaomi Mi 5 supports 4G/LTE in addition to 3G and 2G wireless options plus the usual connectivity options.

As we’ve expected already, Xiaomi will pack a large battery on the Mi 5 flagship with 3600 mAh to be exact. Surprisingly on the software side, Xiaomi still opt to focus on MIUI 7 based on Android 5.1 (Lollipop) despite the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow availability. It that how slow Xiaomi to keep itself up to date? that we don’t know but we hope so it’s not. We are anticipating for Xiaomi to finally move into MIUI version based on Marshmallow, as the possibility might just be around the corner. Since the online reseller is currently basing their specs sheet on leaks (as we believed), then there might be some changes here and there when Xiaomi will finally announced the Mi 5 hopefully by next week.

Pricing about the handset is nowhere to be found at the moment but regarding on its availability, rumors suggest Xiaomi should be launching the device on February 20, it should then be available in stores right after.