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OnePlus unveils its customized version of Android ROM as OxygenOS, quietly dropping Cyanogen logo on new units

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Feb 01, 2015 )    |    Mobile, Technology


What was once a better alliance with Cyanogen, the partnership then became bitter as Cyanogen signed an agreement with Micromax in India which conflicts with OnePlus agreement until OnePlus One units that was supposedly released in India that came with Cyanogen pre-installed was banned from being sold in the country. Despite a number of reconsideration and settle ups, the two companies can no longer bring their once union.

Moving forward, OnePlus announced that all OnePlus devices will shipped or will be upgraded with the company’s home-brewed OxygenOS. The upcoming OS is based on Android 5.0 Lollipop and features a number of customization designed exclusively for OnePlus devices while removing those unnecessary features that is not needed.

Now OnePlus has announced its own custom ROM, the company has already released an Alpha version of the OS but promised more details about the OS this coming February 12. Also, the company is hard at work to deliver a more stable version of the OS which is anticipated to be available right on the day of the company’s big announcement on the 12th or if not, then anytime this month but the former is what everybody is hoping for as users what to get more out of the OS and bring new life to existing OnePlus One devices.


In addition to that, OnePlus silently removed the Cyanogen logo from its recent OnePlus One shipments. We’ll then expect the new units with no traces of Cyanogen customization and that the newer OnePlus One units will be running the company’s own customized ROM of Android OS and that is the recently announced OxygenOS. We’ll have more about the new OxygenOS in a week and a half when OnePlus details the said OS and is expected to release a more stable build of the OS.