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Nokia’s alleged C1 render looks like a small Nokia N1 tablet and it’s thin

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Sep 05, 2015 )    |    News

The Nokia brand may not be under the Nokia corporation as of late but the company is already set to re-enter into the smartphone market by 2016 soon after their deal with Microsoft expires. Tagging along with the recent rumors of revitalizing the Nokia brand under its parent company is the allegedly Nokia C1 and unlike from any other smartphone devices offered by Nokia in the past, the C1 would be running on Android operating system.

Depicted in recent leaks is the image below which is said to be the upcoming Nokia C1 and would be one of the first Nokia branded Android devices to come out later next year. Though Nokia isn’t new to Android but the C1 would definitely be a fully featured Android handset with all things possible with an Android device.


The image was posted on Weibo in China and is currently one of the possible renders of the upcoming device. If you’d look closely, it also looks like the Nokia N1 an Android tablet with similar design aesthetics. However, some would call this render as fake and others are unsure about the authenticity of the image so as far as the design is concerned, it would be better to take this in a pinch of salt until Nokia would finally announce a handset to début next year.

Other than the image of the alleged handset, no other information is available for the C1 and taking notice of the previous leaks, the handset would sit around the mid-end segment and sport a 5-inch display with 720p resolution, it runs on an Intel processor and is supported by 2 GB of RAM.

Nokia has been one of the device manufacturer in the market with the best cameras in the market, the one on the C1 however isn’t much of a head-turner as it comes with a standard 8 Megapixel main camera with LED flash while the front offers a 5 Megapixel camera for Selfies. This might even be behind some of the recently released devices in the market, but these info were from last year and we believe that Nokia designers aren’t dumb to release a handset with technologies far inferior from what has been deemed as the current standards in the mobile market.

If this would turn out to be true, we’re looking at a seemingly aluminum unibody construction and a slim profile, its design is rendered quite similar to the Nokia N1 and like the tablet, it would also be built by another manufacturing company with Nokia to be in-charge with the design and marketing.