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Nokia HERE Maps finally available on Google Play

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Dec 11, 2014 )    |    Technology


Nokia’s biggest advantage in offline maps navigation and route assistant HERE maps is now available on Android. Though not as diverse as Google maps in some extent, Nokia’s specialty is about offline navigation which will gratefully help users to go on with navigation even without being connected to the internet. But before going to a trip where cellular data connection is seemingly untrusty, users will need to download a map data of where they are planning of heading to avoid inconveniences. It currently supports up to 18 different languages and should virtually assist anyone around the world.

Currently, Nokia is in full implementation of its Here maps on Android and its web version has also received minor updates which focuses on traffic view and on its search function, meanwhile, iOS users will have to wait until early 2015 to get a significant upgrade of its existing iOS app.

Nokia has made its Here maps application available for Android before as a APK application before but only this time that Nokia finally made the app available on Google Play so for those who haven’t installed the new Here maps for Android yet may do so by going to the source below and install the app to your Android devices to get started.

So are you finding this Google map alternative a worthy competitor? or it there something out there that could match Nokia’s expertise in offline mobile navigation technologies? Have your inputs below to make something worth discussing with.


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