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Nokia CEO confirms plans to return in smartphone business by 2016

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Jun 19, 2015 )    |    News, Technology


Since last year, Nokia has denied acknowledging any rumors that the company will go back into the smartphone business in the future until recently. Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri just stated that the company will re-enter the smartphone market by 2016 after the Microsoft-Nokia license agreement ends.

As some point, Nokia has very well plans its re-entry to the smartphone market together with a number of partners to bring back the brand into the mobile space. Currently, Microsoft is holding all the rights to sell Nokia smartphones and feature phone in the market and as the deal to use the Nokia label end in the middle of 2016, Nokia would regain control on its highly recognized label with specs that made a Nokia device pretty interesting. The company’s CEO Suri believes that despite the current absence of the brand in the mobile space, the brand name itself has stayed strong due to the fact that until today, the Nokia brand is still popular and even a household product in some parts of the world.

Now that we have some of the details given, Other facts suggested that despite Nokia regains control for the marketing of its smartphone business production of devices wont be built in-house and that’s where the Nokia partners comes in, one prospect company which also produced the Nokia N1 tablet, Foxconn might be one of the producers for Nokia’s future smartphone devices. Like the Nokia N1 Tablet, we could also assume that future Nokia products would be powered by Android operating system.

We still have more information on the matter in the near future so Nokia fans could stay tune for more Nokia news and what the company would bring as they return in the smartphone market by next year.