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Nokia and Zeiss partners once again, hints a dual-lens future

cjmagowan  —  1 year ago ( Jul 09, 2017 )    |    News, Technology

After a brief separation, old-time partners Nokia and Zeiss signed an agreement to bring the most hailed optics in mobile devices once again. Earlier, users were worried about Nokia not using Zeiss lenses on its latest devices namely the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 where in which HMD Global Oy clarified that their previous statement was meant for current Nokia devices and that they have been working with Zeiss to bring the best mobile optics to them on future Nokia devices.

And indeed the partnership is now official with Zeiss officially posted a video on Twitter which not only confirmed the use of Zeiss optics on future Nokia devices but also an indication that a dual-camera equipped Nokia device is in the works that holds the first device to reintroduce the Zeiss branding on a Nokia smartphone. Nokia shared the excitement of their partnership saying that Nokia together with Zeiss, will bring innovations in imaging experience on Nokia smartphone and set a new imaging standard for smartphone customers.

Nokia and Zeiss had been together for decades from the early birth of smartphones to the more advanced Lumia 1020 device which demonstrated that smartphones can’t just make us send messages and make calls but also a truly capable imaging device that could rival even the best point and shoot cameras if not with DSLR’s.

With this partnership and the rumored Nokia 9, it could be safer to presume that we are about to get indulge with the best mobile imaging device in this generation of smartphone development. The device is expected to be announced layer this year and we do hope that this is the missing link of our Android camera phone dreams.

Don’t keep us waiting Nokia, because we’ve waited long enough already and we want you to fulfill our dreams already.