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Nokia 7 Plus to get Dual LTE support pretty soon

cjmagowan  —  10 months ago ( May 06, 2018 )    |    News

No doubt, the Nokia 7 Plus is one of HMD Global’s most popular and best-selling handset so far but besides what’s already in the table, many of its users (count me in), are demanding for dual LTE and VoLTE capabilities from their handsets. Whenever I visit sites, forums and any social media networks, I usually see people asking whether LTE or VoLTE are supported on the new Nokia 7 Plus, well, unfortunately it isn’t (at least for the meantime). Things will change eventually according to Chief Product Officer at HMD Global Juho Sarvikas as it confirmed that such feature will be rolled out to the smartphone pretty soon.

Currently, only one of the two SIM slots are 4G enabled with the second SIM only max’s at 3G+ connectivity, with the new feature though, both SIM’s will be able to connect into 4G networks simultaneously thus enabling VoLTE on both SIM’s. But when will it rolled out to customers, that we do not know, however all hopes are high as it will come shortly in weeks perhaps rather than in quarters.