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Nintendo to bring “Mario Kart” to mobile devices in 2019

cjmagowan  —  1 year ago ( Feb 02, 2018 )    |    Entertainment

A 90’s kid will mostly remember the good times MarioKart brought friends together after a long day at school. That’s right, we who lived through the boom of computer games will know exactly how fun it is playing games like Mario Kart and all other Nintendo releases back in the day. Now after the release of Super Mario Run and the recent Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Nintendo is at something again to bring one of the most enjoyable classics: MarioKart Tour – a proper MarioKart game for mobile devices.

Don’t get too overly excited though as this is just an official announcement that the game is coming our way. Nintendo plans to release the game in the early part of 2019 probably before the first quarter ends and that’s even more than a year away from today. Besides the title, we don’t even know the mechanics of the games but presumably and with our existing smartphone capabilities, we’ll see the same graphics as with Super Mario Run and the likes but hopefully a more fun and engaging title and less of a money-making game title for Nintendo.