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New site theme is online for testing today, check it out and share your thoughts

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Oct 21, 2014 )    |    News


OneTechAvenue will be testing a new theme today that will feature a redesign on the elements of the whole site. If you have noticed before that some of the things may seem out-of-place within the website, that’s because the site has been testing a while lately for this theme. OneTechAvenue will be celebrating its 1 year anniversary in a few days time and I will be happy to hear your thought before the new layout design goes official. You may either posts your thoughts in the comments section below or though Facebook, Twitter or at your own convenience.

Please be guided also that the site may switch back to its original layout now and again until the new theme is ready to stay live. But today, OneTechAvenue will be running the new layout throughout the day so you may have time to evaluate the site.