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New Samsung Gear S Smartwatch revealed, Tizen-based smartwatch and sports 3G modem

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Aug 29, 2014 )    |    Gadgets


Samsung finally unveiled the new Samsung Gear S smartwatch. The Gear S features a curve display and a built-in 3G modem inside. This means that the new Gear S smartwatch can stand on its own without the help of a bluetooth or Wi-Fi connected phone. Aside from the usual time keeping and being a notification hub. the G Watch can also make calls and send messages.

The new Gear S may look like no different from existing Gear devices but the new gadget runs Tizen instead of Android Wear with a pedestrian navigation software from Nokia’s Here and also supports facebook. It also sport a number of sensors like the Heart Rate Monitor and other fitness tracking sensors that works with either S Health or Nike+ Running apps.

The new Samsung Gear S will show itself up in Berlin for the IFA 2014. In addition to that, Samsung will also bring the new Gear Circle headset that will sync with the Gear S device seamlessly via Bluetooth letting users hear notifications, use as voice command and music listening.