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New reports suggest that Samsung would unveil the Galaxy Note 5 with microSDXC support on August 13

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Jul 22, 2015 )    |    News


Like most of you are, We are also excitedly anticipating for Samsung to unveil the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 handset. Rumors and even render leaks are going out every now and then that points to a Galaxy Note 5 that takes more cues from Samsung’s flagship the Galaxy S6 and a seemingly earlier than expected unveiling that we’re now looking forward for the handset’s release than the usual time frame that Samsung has followed since the first Galaxy Note device came out. Unlike the past years where Samsung will have wait for the IFA in Berlin towards the fourth quarter of the year, this time, Samsung is rumored to take a shortcut and may introduce the Galaxy Note 5 this August.

Sources close to the company pointed that Samsung will have to get ahead start of Apple’s expected iPhone 6s/6s Plus launch which is expected by September and getting a month advance presence in the market, this makes the Galaxy Note 5 gain more traction than the competition then hopefully and eventually get more customers into the Galaxy Note 5 bandwagon before Apple could make a success story for itself. Rumors hinted in the past that Samsung might unveil the handset as early as August but new reports suggest and judging by the restless leaks it might just be the case as these new reports are pointing out a more precise date which falls on the 13th of August and even hinted that the event will be happening in New York.

Following up through earlier rumors, though there were reports that Samsung have scrapped off the idea of an edge variant for the Galaxy Note 5, the Note flagship might still come out with a partner and though it might not be a another variant of the new Galaxy Note 5 but a Galaxy S6 edge Plus instead. Still we are skeptical about the idea for which of it might just be a misleading information to direct our attention to the regular Note 5 variant.

Looking back to the old leaks, many suggests that the Galaxy Note 5 would follow the same fate of the Galaxy S6 and would be coming out having a non-removable battery with no microSD card slot available. Now the first statement is still in question and it seems to be hiding for answers but as for the second statement which concerns about the storage expansion of the handset might just have an answer. Somebody just found some data that might just change our perception for the upcoming flagship. If user-agent data from US Sprint is to believe, the Galaxy Note 5 will eventually have a microSD slot for memory expansion and that it will even support up to 128 GB of microSDXC cards.

Other data found on the Sprint leaked points to a direct similarities in the camera department both on the Galaxy S6/S6 edge with a 16 Megapixel back and 5 Megapixel front tandem. It will also have a 3 GB of RAM instead of 4 GB from earlier leaks. It will also house a 4100 mAh battery inside the unit and as we understand so far, it isn’t removable as well as the Galaxy S6/S6 edge and also the rumored Galaxy S6 edge Plus.

The Galaxy Note 5 has been anticipated by many Samsung fans as it expected to features new technologies and refined features introduced from the Galaxy S6. We are all so looking forward to August 13 if that’s how true it is as we’re readying ourselves to trade-in our long-time in service Galaxy Note 2 which served us so well for more than three years now. The Galaxy Note 5 and all its rumored features are all that we need to give in and we know that you do to, so stay tuned for more.