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NASA’s 4K Television Channel to stream Ultra-High Definition footages to your living room starting this November

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Sep 13, 2015 )    |    Entertainment, Science


If you’re one of those who watches NASA’s videos and streams then you’ll be even more delighted as the space agency just announced their upcoming 4K Television channel that will stream video feeds from the International Space Station in Ultra-High Definition (UHD).

The service will commence on November together with video delivery infrastructure company Harmonics and will be the first non-commercial consumer 4K channel in North America. Aside from the live-feed coming from the ISS, NASA 4K TV channel will also show its previous footage from other missions remastered in 4K video quality.

Harmonics is already in talks with Television, Cable and Satellite TV providers to stream their contents. Besides these mediums, the Ultra-High Definition feeds can also be viewed on the web provided that you have a high-speed internet connection perhaps at least 13 Mbps to enjoy the show or else your best luck would be to settle with lower resolutions.

SOURCEThe Next Web