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Mozilla rolls out Firefox Quantum browser to users, Its lighter and fastest web browser ever

It's Fast and comes with new built-in features
cjmagowan  —  1 year ago ( Nov 15, 2017 )    |    Computing

 The first thing I’d do in the morning after turning on my PC is fire up my web browsers, all of them actually which includes Chrome, Edge and Firefox, but of the three I noticed something different from the latter and that’s because today, Mozilla finally rolled out their latest Firefox Quantum web browser to everyone. It has been around in beta testing for quite sometime already by never had the chance to try it out because of stability issues, but today’s rolled out it pretty stable and is actually meeting my usual needs so far.

The new Firefox Quantum at version 57.0 is said to be 2x faster than its predecessors and comes with a new web engine with an improved multi-process architecture that is lighter and 30% more RAM efficient compared to Chrome which results to a snappier and highly responsive web browsing and tab switching.

The new browser’s blazing speeds is paired with a minimalist theme, though Firefox has already gone with a minimalist design a long time ago and with Quantum, the web browser takes it even further to refine its interface and making every browsing experience more enjoyable than ever. Users can also even customized the browser with other themes available and even customize the toolbar using drag and drop. Apart from the internal and frontal improvements, the new Firefox Quantum also comes with new features and improved support for extensions.

One of its new nifty little feature is its ability to Take a screenshot from whatever page displayed inside the browser without the help for third-party tools. It also comes with Pockets, a save-for-later viewing tool built-in to the toolbar that allows users to view and read pages or view videos on any device at user’s’ convenience. With Quantum, Firefox is all ready for the next-gen gaming with built-in support for WASM and WebVR with no further installations needed, and finally there’s the new Library where it aggregates all Pocket saves, Bookmarks, Browsing History, all Screenshots and Downloads contents in one place.

Like Chrome, users can sync Firefox settings across different Firefox installation on different devices where users can automatically sync their passwords and bookmarks on other devices and can even share tabs from the PC and into Mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets with its own Send Tabs feature.

And finally, Firefox Quantum is all about giving users the most secured browsing experience ever with its improved Private browsing capabilities, disable tracking features on certain sites and in certain scenarios and there’s our favorite ad blocking features that just works most of the time.