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Mitsubishi to end the Lancer sedan this 2017

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Jan 28, 2017 )    |    Transportation

After more than 40 years in the industry, the highly popular Mitsubishi Lancer sedan will depart its way from the market. The bold and radical move from Mitsubishi ends Lancer’s 44 glorious years in the mobile industry that reached to its 10th generation with as evident with the final edition of the Lancer Evolution X.

Added to the Lancer’s end of life, Mitsubishi will also be dishing out the “Evolution” badge from future sedans that Mitsubishi is currently producing stating that the name itself has significant performance attachment to the Lancer series unless the company’s EV/PHEV technology can be adopted into high performance cars, then Mitsubishi might be able to resurrect the name someday.

With Lancer’s departure, the current Mirage G4 range will play as the alternative vehicle for its sedan lineup. Mitsubishi believes that the Mirage should be enough for customers that wants to drive a sedan or a hatch and it has been doing quite good for a while lately as Mitsubishi has been aggressively marketing the Mirage over the Lancer for a couple of years already. The steady decline in sales pushed Mitsubishi to redirect its focus and currently, the most striving segment in the automotive market are on SUV’s and Crossovers.

Fans and car enthusiast can get the final edition of the Lancer until the last unit goes on sale, Mitsubishi already advised that Lancer production will end by August 2017. After the date, Mitsubishi will focus more on its current SUV and Crossover lineup along with the upcoming and all new 2017 Crossover that Mitsubishi is currently gearing up to launch this year. For customers looking for a more compact cars, Mitsubishi still has the Mirage hatchback and the Mirage G4 a subcompact sedan.