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Microsoft Windows 10 build 10049 brings Project Spartan web browser to Windows Insiders

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Mar 31, 2015 )    |    Computing, News


Microsoft is bringing a huge update to the Windows 10 builds, the latest incarnation is build 10049 which follows shortly after build 10041 that came out just a week and a half ago. With the usual bug fixes and improvements from issues that we’ve encountered during the last update along with the much awaited preview of Microsoft’s next generation internet browser “Project Spartan”.

This time, the focus is around the new browser which will eventually replace our existing Internet Explorer (IE) in our current Windows systems. The browser will be introducing a new browser engine with the latest support on web technologies. Like Microsoft already suggests, Project Spartan will soon become the default internet browser for the Windows operating system, though IE 11 would still be lying around, Project Spartan is what Microsoft is setting for the future and that IE 11’s presence would only be about legacy and extended support for older system and environments where legacy browser technologies that’s supported with the older browser is still needed.

Project Spartan will also introduce a whole new browsing experience from the way you browse the web and to the little things that you can do with the page that you’re into. Also with Project Spartan is the full integration of Cortana, the new digital assistant that first appeared on smartphones is now part of Windows 10 with extended support to other applications which includes the new web browser. Like what Cortana does bests, it will help you out to search things and eventually suggest ideas that might be related to your browsing habits. The browser also features the ability to resize contents that would best fit the current user display resolution and allow users to write and type on the display.

Aside from the mentioned abilities above, Project Spartan also includes features for sharing, Review View and Reading Lists and other new functionalities included in the new rendering engine which is by the way not coming with IE 11.x version that is coming with Windows 10.

Other than Project Spartan, Windows 10 Build 10049 also comes with the much-needed fixes that plague the last build and these includes bug fixes to the Photos app where the application would crash when you tap the circular Camera Roll icon, Fix issues the manual locking the PC among others. As there were fixes, this build also comes with known problems such as Blue Screen at Logon, Outlook indexing issues, Virtual machine support seems to be broken with this build and also known issues with Visual Studio 2015. If you find these issues bearable then testing the latest build of Windows 10 shouldn’t be a problem and if you see a problem with your machine while using Windows 10, it would really be helpful if you notify Microsoft and send a feedback to them regarding the issue so they could look into it and hopefully be getting a fix on the next build.