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Microsoft outs the new Nokia 230 with LED flash on both front and back

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Nov 25, 2015 )    |    Mobile


If you think Microsoft already ditched the Nokia brand, you’re probably misinformed as the company officially announced the new Nokia 230 featurephone. Yes it’s a featurephone like what you’d expect for a Nokia branded device nowadays. But unlike all other featurephones that Microsoft offered in the past, the new Nokia 230 does seem to bring in new gimmicks that will surely entice customers to pick one up.

The handset is built mainly with aluminum panels mixed with polycarbonate and goes to include a 2 Megapixels both on the front and back. The back camera is equipped with an LED flash while a surprising move from Microsoft where they have considered adding an LED flash as well on the front which now let users take a Selfie with the featurephone with a better results thanks to the front-facing flash.


Packed in the a small and thin profile, the Nokia 230 is built with a combination of the polycarbonate frame and a sand-blasted aluminum back cover which sits firmly nicely to each other that ensures a high quality build and functionality.

It runs on a proprietary Nokia S30+ OS which means that users are fairly limited with what apps are preloaded on the device. However its large 2.8-inch screen is fairly suited enough for playing games, video streaming or browse with the built-in Opera mini browser, MSN Weather and Bing Search.

The handset comes with 16 MB of RAM which should be enough for the basic tasks that the handset could do. Unfortunately, the handset does not include an internal storage but it does offer a micro SD slot which accepts memory cards of up to 32 GB in capacities.

Connectivity-wise, the Nokia 230 includes the basic communication needs with Dual-SIM capabilities and support for 2G/GSM networks. Other connectivity features includes Bluetooth 3.0, an FM Radio, microUSB for charging the handset and a 3.5mm headphone jack.


Weighing just 91.8 grams, the Nokia 230 measures at 24.6 x 53.4 x 10.9mm with a long-lasting removable battery at 1200 mAh up to 27 days of standby time. The handset will be available in either single or Dual SIM configuration and is scheduled to hit store shelves by December.