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Microsoft opens doors for Android and iOS apps to Windows 10

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( May 01, 2015 )    |    Technology


One problem that Windows 10 needs to address right now is the absence of commonly available apps from other platforms. App developers simply ignore the Windows ecosystem in favor of the more popular platforms because there’s just not enough users to invest in Windows. Well, that might be true a few months ago, Windows users are surging day after day with more users flocking on the windows platform but still the developers aren’t convinced that the ecosystem would flourish.

To save itself from being left behind. Microsoft surprisingly opened its doors and will now be allowing Android or even iOS apps to work seamlessly with the upcoming OS especially on tablets and phones. It may have been an odd move from the Redmond giant but it seems that Microsoft is still on track with the new Windows strategy to create a diversified ecosystem of apps across different platforms irregardless of which devices users are on.

With the new strategy, Microsoft will allow app developers to let their Android or iOS applications work with Windows and utilize the same tools they used to build the app from other platforms. In addition to that, Microsoft will also provide all the necessary Windows-specific API’s to make the transition to Windows platform much easier. Given the support for such apps and maintain the security within the OS, user and developers should know that all ported apps will run in a safe Windows security container.

The Redmond giant has been working with the new technique for some time now and in fact King the developer of one of the most successful mobile games in the market “Candy Crush Saga” is using the tools provided by Microsoft to bring the said game into the Windows Platform. And at Microsoft Build 2015, Microsoft demoed Choice Hotels app – an Android app running within the confines of Windows 10 environment with just a few tweaks to make it work.

SOURCEPhone Arena