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Microsoft HoloLens may one day teach and train our future doctors

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Jul 09, 2015 )    |    Science, Technology


Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio found a perfect tool to teach medicine to future doctors and that’s none other that Microsoft’s HoloLens. Microsoft’s holographic headset may one day become a part of science and education and will be an essential tool inside every classroom. Microsoft launched a new video showing just what the HoloLens could do and help educate students. Medical students wearing the headset enables them to view a visual representation of the human anatomy, organs and its intricate networks of nerves and circulatory system without the need to resort to cadavers.

Also the platform could potentially help doctors practice certain medical procedures virtually through simulations without the risk of getting an actual lost if anything goes wrong, though it may still be better to take the procedure in its actuality but virtual reality will also allow doctors fail and will help handle situations with such.

The technology is already here and is almost ready but Microsoft still needs to fine tune everything before they become a viable tool. For now, it’s inspiring to see that such technology could help our future doctors in perfecting their skills.