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Microsoft Edge is the official name for Microsoft’s Project Spartan

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Apr 30, 2015 )    |    News, Technology


Microsoft finally has given a name for its default web browser for the upcoming Windows 10 called the Microsoft Edge. The browser flourished from Microsoft’s project Spartan and is set to replace the long-standing but plagued by its past Internet Explorer (IE). The announcement was made official during an opening keynote at Microsoft Build 2015 event.

From Windows 10 onward as Internet Explorer sits in the dust, Microsoft Edge will be the default browser for the operating system and will be available to every platform that Windows 10 is going to work with including the Desktop PC’s and Laptops, Tablets and Phones.

Edge is Microsoft’s lightweight browser designed to accommodate users with tools and features more suitable for the modern web. Its search and inquiry system is integrated with the company’s own virtual assistant Cortana, a new note taking feature and new reader mode that removes all the distraction when reading articles.

Along with the official name comes a new feature and one will notably see them upfront is the new Tab Page where there’s an aggregation of shortcut tiles and widgets every time users open a new tab. With the new feature, users will be able to view weather information, stocks, the latest news, recently visited pages and so forth.

As part of the plan, Microsoft added a new browser extension support. It actually works like an add-on feature from IE but in a sense that works a lot like those browser extensions from most modern browsers. As dynamic as it is, Edge can even take browser extension from other browser in the market with one example are those designed for Firefox. Developers can easily export their Firefox browser extension to Microsoft Edge with just a few simple code modification.


It looks like that despite the direction the new browser is heading, it seems that Microsoft can’t let go of the much beloved and at the same time hated icon in Windows the “e”, but unlike in the world of Internet Explorer, the new “e” in Edge signifies a new beginning and a new hope in a completely different being. With that, Microsoft already have a potential edge since the evolution of the company’s web browser to make another strong impact in today’s standards. Microsoft Edge will be the Default browser to grace in Windows 10 in the coming months are will develop more into a highly valuable entity in the most promising Windows version to date.