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Microsoft Cortana will be available to Android and iOS as a standalone app, new report says

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Mar 14, 2015 )    |    News, Technology


For users who would choose a platform comes in different factors and one of which is the availability of one or a handful of specific features that can only be found on one platform and not on the other. This would hold true with our mobile operating systems nowadays, but for Microsoft, what drives their business is their consumer base and to get more consumers at this point. The Redmond giant is about to risk it all to grab more users to use their products and by that what we mean is that the company’s highly advance virtual assistant “Cortana” is heading to both Android and iOS platforms soon according to new reports from Reuters.

Cortana is gaining a positive momentum as they are compared to both Google Now and Apple Siri with a series of tests which concluded that both features from two different platforms are outrun by a beta version of Cortana in some areas even at the early stage of being a beta software for Windows Phone 8.1. Though the virtual assistant is only enabled to users on specific regions, still Cortana is making a significant leap against its rivals.

If the new report holds true, then users from either Android and iOS will then have a taste on one of the best features of Windows Phone without literally buying a Windows Phone. This will also give users a choice of what virtual assistant is best suited for their chosen platform and their needs.

We’ve already seen a number of Microsoft apps heading to its rival platforms and it seems that Microsoft has gained not only the much-needed attention but also increased its userbase.

Will you dump your existing virtual assistant in favor of Cortana ? or would it be better for Microsoft to focus on their own platform and improve everything up?