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Microsoft Band: Microsoft’s multi-platform fitness band for $199 available on next Thursday

cjmagowan  —  4 years ago ( Oct 30, 2014 )    |    Gadgets, Health


The long-rumored Microsoft’s first wearable device is finally out, and instead of releasing a smartwatch on its own, the Redmond giant is taking aim at fitness tracker band devices like the Nike fuel band or more like the Galaxy Gear Fit. The wearable device is a multi-platform compliant which explains why Google Play, Apple App Store and Microsoft Store now have an app for the device which is designed to personalized and track your data from the Microsoft Band.


According to its designer Quentin Morris who also happens to developed the XBox One controller, the Microsoft Band includes about ten trackers which are able to tracks your steps, measures heart rate, calories burnt, track sleep quality, UV exposure and even stress level are just some of the things that you can do with the Band. It also got its own built-in GPS, which tracks your outdoor workout without the need to sync the fitness band to a separate device and can still view your progress. Aside from the things that you could do with the device, it could also work as your time-keeper, display notifications from your device or set reminders and take notes with Cortana. Future capabilities will include the ability to share the collected data from the HealthVault to your trusted Physician.


Driving the Microsoft Band is Microsoft Health service which sends and received data and display the information on the bands miniature 320 x 102 resolution display. Compared to other platforms that Microsoft develops, the company aim to provide the service to other manufacturers which sounds like more leaned towards being open-sourced. That way Microsoft can easily sync collected information and present the data more readily.

Microsoft is said to be mobilizing to work with other companies to make their devices Microsoft Health compatible. Microsoft will also provide a license to other manufacturers to utilize the ten sensor setup for their own device. Jawbone, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper are already joining Microsoft to make their devices compliant with Microsoft Health service.

Microsoft will make the Microsoft Band available by next Thursday in the US. This goes both for its online Store and on its Physical stores across the US for $199 but currently in “Limited Quantities”. We understand the limited number of available units to be put on sale during the launch but as the device seems to deliver a perfect balance of personal tracker and self-training device, We hope that the Microsoft Band will also launch in other regions as well.