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Medical Researchers are now using 3D printing for Tumors to find cure

cjmagowan  —  5 years ago ( Apr 18, 2014 )    |    Health, Science


Medical Researchers have been experimenting on new ways to find a cure to cancer. As it become the top concern in the field of medical science, scientist around the world is constantly finding out ways on how to fight cancer. Growing synthetic tumor cells in the lab has been the format of  drug research and with the advent of 3D printing scientist is tapping on this technology to create 3D printed tumor cells to fully understand the nature of tumor cells and ultimately find a cure.

Scientists are currently testing Laboratory grown synthetic cervical tumor cells. With 3D printing technology, researchers found out that 3D printed models tends to proliferate much faster and exhibit more proteins than models printed on a 2D surface and also cells can produce the same behavior as if  they are within the host (in vivo) environment giving them freedom to function the way that they should, with this advantage, researchers could easily pinpoint specific target areas of the tumor cells in which cancer fighting drugs should unload its arsenal.

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