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Live images of the upcoming LG Class handset shows its metal body

cjmagowan  —  3 years ago ( Sep 18, 2015 )    |    News

Next week, LG will unveil their home-bound handset the LG Class, a mid-range device pack in a metallic exterior shell. The handset will be thicker than those recently released LG handsets but should be able to compete against Samsung’s Galaxy A series.

Despite the seemingly premium body, the LG Class wont be something of a flagship handset from the company however it should pack a significantly spec’d hardware that should attract customers.

Rumored earlier with mixed information, the upcoming LG Class was believed to be the H740 that was leaked earlier but with the latest leaks that have floated online, the LG Class seem to defy earlier reports such as those speculations that the alleged handset would feature a 5.7-inch display in which in the case of the LG Class the upcoming handset now poised to include rather a smaller yet big enough display at 5.5-inch.

Aside from the screen size and latest live images of the handset, there’s still now information regarding the hardware specs of the device and that we’ll have to wait until Monday to verify and confirm new reports as LG will finally let the covers go for the their new LG Class handset.

Judging from the images above, it looks like that it’s heading towards the South Korean carrier LG U+ with a price believed to be around 400,000 Korean Won which is about $342. Added to that, there’s no sign of the handset to go for international market but who knows if LG would allow this handset to go abroad. That we’ll know more about by Monday. Stay tuned.