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Live clear images of the alleged iPhone 8 emerges

cjmagowan  —  1 year ago ( Aug 09, 2017 )    |    News

The next iPhone has entered into production as is expected to unveiled in a month or so with the celebration of its 10th year anniversary. Until now, the next iPhone doesn’t have an official name yet but fans and market followers assumes at it would be called the iPhone 8 if we’re to follow Apple’s numerical naming conventions.

Numerous rumors and leaks showed a consistent hardware design which we are now familiar with which so far, mockups played a huge role on showing off on what the production model could look like. But the latest leak doesn’t just showed any mockups but potentially the actual device itself.

The new and upcoming iPhone 8 is said to depart from the norms and will sport a new and radical design that hasn’t been done by Apple on the iPhone. The iPhone 8 is also said to adapt an edge-to-edge bezel less design in which the entire front will be covered by the handset’s display.

Like the Samsung Galaxy S8, Apple is said to have hold off from its ambition to include an in-display fingerprint reader, so folks wishing to see that feature on the upcoming iPhone 8 will be disappointed. However, some insiders suggests that Apple will be looking for some other ways to position its fingerprint reader with recent mockups showing a round fingerprint reader below the apple logo on the back while some trusted sources suggests that Apple could integrate the iPhone 8’s fingerprint reader on the power button which could be the case as the live images that we see above doesn’t represent any fingerprint reader at all (unless Apple would use its logo as the fingerprint reader itself).

To compensate the missing biometric reader on the front, Apple is said to include a facing recognition feature on the iPhone 8, where unlike an iris scanner, facial recognition would only need users to face in front of the phone and not to deliberately look into the phone and position the user’s eye on two circles to scan their iris.

The image also shows the vertically oriented dual camera sensors on the back and the noticeable reflective finish on the back which we believe to be a glass surface. The last time we saw a glass back on the iPhone was on the iPhone 4s while its successor are all having their metal surfaces. The iPhone 8 or whatever the next iPhone would be called is undoubtedly the most awaited handset this year and we are bringing the important bits to you guys as we get closer to the unveiling of the next generation iPhone in a month time.