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LG’s teaser for the upcoming G6 shows thin bezels and more rounded corners

cjmagowan  —  2 years ago ( Jan 24, 2017 )    |    News

Fans and customers alike are eagerly anticipating for the next G series device from LG. Dubbed as the G6 or the LG G6, it’s LG’s upcoming flagship device and will succeed the LG G5’s current position. The next LG flagship will be departing its way with the modular device and instead will go on a path with more safety in mind. LG has already proven that its devices especially with their flagship to be durable and safe nonetheless.

But with the LG G6, the company wants to go on a traditional way of making things work and with that, the G6 wont be coming with most of the features that the G5 has and that’s ultimately its changeable parts. However, the Korean tech company will build the G6 with a waterproof design. And for the first time ever, a teaser image which came out lately (courtesy of TheVerge) showed that the highly anticipated handset has its own unique design for the series.

From the photo render above, The G6 will feature a thin bezels on the top and probably at the bottom and of course on the sides. It will be built on a metal frame and will feature an insane 2:1 display aspect ratio in which that brings to suggest that the handset will be set to at least a wider viewable area of 90%. Though we’re not completely sure about the details of the G6 but rumors suggests that the flagship device will feature a large 5.7-inch display and will have a curved LCD display which has been depicted from the above photo.

The LG G6 is expected to be IP68 water-resistant and to give the handset an edge over other new and upcoming devices in the market, LG retains the headphone jack and though not yet confirmed, we’re still expecting a removable battery for the LG G6.

LG will be showcasing the G6 on Mobile World Congress (MWC) this coming February so stay tuned for more…