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LG brings a new hybrid Watch W7: Full Wear OS smartwatch with Analog capabilities

cjmagowan  —  5 months ago ( Oct 08, 2018 )    |    Gadgets, News

When smart watches were just new in the market, most if not all of them were digital with either in digits or a mocked analog watch face. These made the smartwatches so popular a few years ago which brought a lot of drawbacks and that includes its short battery life.

Now we are going back to the classic watch design with hybrid smartwatches that combines both digital and analog types. Most watch manufacturers that delved with the smartwatch market were already doing this concept and most are expensive.

With so much experience in the advancement in technology, LG also ventured into the Hybrid smartwatch market with the new LG Watch W7.

The new Watch W7 is a full-blown smartwatch with Google’s latest Wear OS with its 1.2-inch display underneath its analog hands. The technology is possible for LG in collaboration with Swiss Watch maker Soprod SA.

The new LG smartwatch is powered by Snapdragon Wear 2100 chip, it’s an old silicon from Qualcomm by the way who recently announced the Snapdragon Wear 3100 but still LG found the Wear 2100 capable to set its features available for users. It comes with 768MB of RAM and 4GB of storage built-in.

It comes with 240mAh embedded battery which should serve a day of use however with all its smartwatch features turned off, it could run up to 100 days of analog only watch mode. Also there’s up to 2 or 3 days of juice for its analog side to work after its smartwatch part consumes its battery.

Aside from telling the time, it comes with tools such as stopwatch, compass, countdown timer, calibration, a barometer, altimeter and support for gestures for hands-free navigation. There’s no GPS but it comes with IP68 certification that tells us that it’s water-resistant and dust proof.

Customization-wise, beside a selection of different watch backgrounds, it also comes with a standard 22mm band which allows users to change their watch bands to their liking. LG also has a choice of bands ranging from leather, metal and rubber bands.

The new LG Watch W7 is currently available for Pre-order and will be available in stores beginning October 14. Price for the watch is set at $450 in the US. In other countries, LG will also do a localize launching of the Watch W7 with pricing to be announced for their respective regions and territories.